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Wall decals are a great way to add some colour and design to your walls. Our wall decals are made from removable and repositional self adhesive fabric. They are designed to be removable and repositional up to 1 year without leaving residue.

Our decals are created from high quality graphics and have a slight white contour around the edge of them which helps them adhere to the walls better and not lift.

This collection of Watercolor Construction Wall Decals are printed on a sheet 1m x 50cm wide and include the following:

1x Concrete truck 30cm wide

1x Dump truck 30cm wide

1x Excavator 25cm wide

1x Front loader 20cm wide

1x Crane 25cm wide

4x Hammer 10cm high

4x Spades 10cm high

4x Nails 10cm wide

4x Hammer Drill 10cm wide

4x Hard hat 11cm wide


Please note that, due to variations amongst computer monitors, actual colors may vary slightly from what appears on your screen

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